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Divan Beds uk has the facility of extra storage in the form of built-in drawers. Drawers have space so you can place your extra items inside them. These drawers ensure the safety of your products. These beds have two main parts wooden frame and a headboard. It is completely covered in fabric which makes it magnificent and attractive. Unique and extra features make it more special that why it is among the most selling beds across uk.

At lovemybedss, you can get the Best collection of divan beds uk with the latest designs. Our first priority is design with the best quality. Our craftsmen always manufacture the greatest furniture. Lovemybedss provides you with beds in all sizes regarding your needs. It comes in different sizes and shapes i.e double divan bed base with storage,  divan bed base with storage make it more important.

We always use timber for making robust bed bases. The best fabric is used to cover them. We choose a specific color to give a magnificent look to any bed. Moreover, Avabeds also offers a headboard to make it comfortable.

Sizes available.

3ft Single beds.

It is the Very ideal size for individual ones it saves a lot of space in the room.
4ft6 double divan beds double 4ft 6 bed.

All Standard size of bed suitable for two people as well as for individual ones who like to sleep alone.

5FT King Size Beds.

Our King-size 5ft double divan beds are made from a solid base that consists of two halves. it is very easy to assemble and easy to adjust.

6FT Super King Divan Bed. Supreme quality 6ft super king-size beds.